All exercises with the head straight.

Zip, tense torso front and side and tilt the pelvis towards the pelvis (deep core)

  1. Sit up position, knees bent, head straight, arms straight and ‘knee cups’
  2. Sit up, cross over, R over L hand on L knee and vice versa
  3. Sit up, alt R arm and leg push down and vice versa
  4. Sciatic stretch, 3 position (single leg, both legs, single leg to opposite shoulder
  5. On back, single straight leg lifts (other knee bent)
  6. On stomach, single straight leg lifts
  7. Same again but with alternate straight arm and leg lift
  8. Long sitting position, back on Swiss Ball, alt straight leg lifts, other leg bent
  9. CardioBike with the back support
  10. Hamstring stretch on back
  11. One side bridging (90”) with both legs bent, hold for 3”
  12. Full bridge on elbows
  13. Stomach into mat, holding for 10”
  14. “Woestyngogga”, on hands and knees, alternate arm and leg extension

Ian Harries.

Enduramax Running Consultancy.